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Apr. 7th, 2007

jen smile

me by the sea or I bought new sun glasses.


Apr. 1st, 2007


1st of April People!


Mar. 30th, 2007


My new phone :)

Mar. 29th, 2007

6:57 AM post?! wtf 0_o???

IT s over ladies and gentelmens!
Yeaterday i finished with anatomy depatment !I passed neuroanatomy!!!Yahoooo!
I am so happy! One more exam today at 9 at dentistry department and friday biochem lab ! And I can sleeeeep, go to party, get drunk...oh sweet life...
On monday evening I am coming to IL for a weeeek! Yay!!

Mar. 28th, 2007

husky rescue - summertime cowboy

thanx to nicole_bateman


Утро начинается, начинается.

Покупая утром завтрак счет был 666.00 huf
 Хм..к чему бы это?


Mar. 26th, 2007

Pupillary light reflex.

Now I study about this.


i hate my life.

for more than a month now i am kinda lost.Not in the focus.I don't like it.
School is hard.My father tells me to take year off but I wont.I think i will ruin the surprise for my mom in IL so I can c my shrink.

Mar. 25th, 2007

Sunny sunday.

I have headach!!! What to do?? Pills don't help....me sad.

Lior...Turkey..Summer....I miss summer....

This boy acts exactly like Ross from friends :))
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Mar. 24th, 2007

Satuday night.

I have no life!
Zah is going out to a party. I also wanna go but I cant!!!!
4 days...just 4 more days....

How is the weekend for u guys going?

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